The regiment's spiritual representative, Ayanti Zwiel joined the Tanith 1st during their tour on Hagia (Honour Guard). Being a wandering priest Zwiel traveled the stars, following the path of the original Sabbat worlds crusade, before returning home once more to Hagia. The regiment found him in the abandoned village of Mukret rebuilding the ruined shrines that the archenemy dessicated in their wake and has followed the regiment ever since. Unusual for a member of the priesthood, Zwiel is often outspoken and cras in his remarks, often seen as such by other priests, and has a collection of bad habits, but his enedearing personality and the spiritual reasurance that he brings has caused him to become a firm member of the regiment who is loved by all the Tanith 1st. On Hagia he shared a cigar with Colm Corbec, his first one in years since he returned to Hagia, and showed a taste for them, though since the death of the colonel it seems as though he has dropped the habit.

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