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Yoncy Criid is the sister of Dalin Criid, the surrogate daughter of Tona Criid and biological daughter of Livy and Gol Kolea. Yoncy is looked after by the Tanith 1st's civilian entourage, and is only about 8 years old. She was a baby during the Vervunhive war.

The Vervunhive War Edit

During the Vervunhive War, Yoncy and Dalin were taken by Livy Kolea into the hive proper for shopping, when the transit station they were in was shelled. Yoncy and Dalin were protected by a pillar while Livy was killed by shrapnel, and Tona Criid rescued them. They lived out in the wastelands until they were helped by Caffran during the battle's final stages.

Yoncy and Dalin were taken along when Criid joined the Tanith 1st as part of the act of consolation.

(Necropolis, 2000)

Phantine Edit

Yoncy, along with her brother, were cared for by the regimental entourage while Criid and Caffran were away on duty. At Phantine, Yoncy now a toddler, Dalin and her played with paper boats on board the main drogue. They were watched by Kolea, their biological father, mulling over whether to reveal himself.

(The Guns of Tanith, 2002)

Gender Edit

In Necropolis, and The Guns of Tanith Yoncy is supposedly male, but in the later books she is described as female.