Vox-Operator/Trooper Wheln is a Tanith Foundee and one of the more experienced troopers in the Regiment. One of Rawne’s favoured men Wheln served for many years as his vox-operator in the 3rd platoon. Despite his specialist posting Wheln has proved himself as a strong fighter on many occasions, and is mentioned frequently throughout the novels.

He drove one of the halftracks in Bragg’s resupply detail on Caligula, and was badly wounded in the battle for Veyveyr Gate, possibly forcing one of his legs to be amputated. On Hagia, Wheln appeared to have been temporarily transferred into Kolea’s platoon, he was one of several ghosts to accompany Kolea in rescuing Corbec from Pater Sin, and later saw fierce combat as part of his detachment in the battle for Bhanavger, where he was wounded again, and found himself pressed into action as a tread-fether operator.

Phantine saw Wheln back in heavy action with Rawne’s platoon, he was later wounded a third time by shellfire on Aexe Cardinale. After the merger with the Belladon 81st Wheln, along with most of Rawne’s former platoon was transferred into Captain Meryn’s E Company, with Caffran as his Squad leader. Wheln faced down a stalker on Anceron Sextus, and was one of the few members of E Company to survive Hinzerhaus unscathed.  

Wheln’s age as of Salvations Reach is unclear, but as a Tanith foundee he would most likely be in his late Thirties at minimum.

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