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Wes Maggs



Before the Regiment...

Scout Specialist,81st Belladon

First Appearance

His Last Command

Last Appearance

Blood Pact

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Scout Wes Maggs is a Belladon recon specialist in Mkoll's scout cadre. A popular and vocal soldier, Maggs is seen by many as being the Belladon's equivalent to Varl, despite his prowess as a stealther. He has managed to advance himself into a postion of one of the regiment's finest despite making a poor first impression on Mkoll at Sparshard Mons. Maggs has been one of the best examples of Belladon soldiery adapting well to the Belladon/Tanith/Verghastite mix, and is one of the old 81st's most prominent figures.

His style of stealth has been observed by Mkoll as being an effort of will power to avoid being spotted. Maggs was haunted by visions of an old dam in black lace during the Hinzerhaus campaign.

The Belladon Edit

Sparshard Mons Edit

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