Sabbat Worlds, Segmentum Pacificus





Verghast is an industrial hive-world within the Segmentum Pacificus, one of the Sabbat Worlds famed for its ore and manufacturing industries, from which a large and higly competative mercantile industry sprung. The world was organised into various hives, each governed by a monarch who had access to all the Hive's systems, and stoicly independant from one another. At the time of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade the world was embroiled in a viscious, though short lived, civil war, between those that held their alliances to the Imperium and the tainted inhabitants of the Hive of Ferrozoica. Notable Hive cities include: Vannick Hive- a key fuel producer for the neighbouring hives, but was destroyed utterly by a nuclear blast during the Second Ferozoican war. The Northern Collectives- a collection of settlements or hives well known for their manufactories and artistic guilds. Vervunhive-notable for its vast manufactories, military strength and being the site of the most famous battle of the Second Ferrozoican war. It was destroyed by the conflict and abandoned shortly after. and Ferrozoica Hive-where the tendrils of Chaos first found their way onto this world, and was too ultimately destroyed by orbital bombardment.

Verghast, based on the output of Vervunhive, raises Imperial Guard regiments infrequently. Those that do go to form the Verghastian regiments are usually veterans from the various minor civil conflicts that have occured in the history of the world, or members of the local PDF. After the Second Ferozoican war an alternative method of recruitment was temporally introduced in the form of offering concription of all those willing into the Tanith 1st regiment, which had been serving in Vervunhive during the war.

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