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Hi, welcome to Gaunt's Ghostspedia Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Inquisitor Lilith Abfequarn page.

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Happy editing, -- Sannse@fandom (Talk) 15:32, 29 May 2010


Hey, Wyrmalla. Great to see more support on the sight! I've been really busy for a while now, and haven't had the chance to maintain this place.

However, can you please be careful with your edits? I installed tables and pictures on many profiles and they have now disappeared! I can put them back, but I recommend you stay away from the Source edit option. It's easy to paste over something when it's actually vital source code. Please keep up the help, but be careful of the code. Each character entry should have a bio-table and possibly a picture.

Woah sorry about that. I totally didn't realise that I'd removed such improtant things, late night editing is not a good thing I take it... Got'cha on that then, I'll check up on my edits more often in future.=)

No worries, mate. I set up this place when I had time, so I hate neglecting it now I don't and you're right, there's not enough content.Shame, that. Funny thing is, most of my visits are late night, so that's fine. It's just that I'm not a computer/web/whatever guy by nature, so I have to work hard to make something look half decent here. It's a shame, because I love books and I'm a writer myself, so I want some justice for Dan's work.

As long as you're careful when you're write, things are good.

Speak later mate, First&Last.

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