Zak Twenzet



Before the Regiment

Trooper, Belladon 81st Regiment

Featured In

Only in Death
Trooper Zak Twenzet is a Belladon soldier in Meryn's E Company of the Tanith 1st Regiment. He was part of the original Belladon 81st Regiment and became part of the First during the amalgamation. Twenzet was named after the sound of a lasgun by his father, and has a youthful, haphazardous approach to soldiering. He was wounded at Hinzerhaus, during which time he befriended Nahum Ludd, and was part of Hark's detail to transport the ancient books to Crusade command. He witnessed the death of Agun Soric when he, Hark and Tona Criid survived the destruction of their Valkiryie.

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