Muril (straight silver)


Sehra Muril


Outhabs, Vervunhive, Verghast

Before the Regiment

Loom worker

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Last Appearance

Straight Silver

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Trooper Sehra Muril a Vervunhiver, was like many of the female ghosts an excellent shot, and served as sniper in Corbec's 2nd Platoon. A confident, popular trooper in her twenties, Muril along with Banda and Bourah was an ex-loom worker who served as part of Kolea’s scratch company before joining the ghosts. During the seige of Vervunhive, she took part in the Assault on the Heridor’s spike, where she almost falls to her death, saved by Bragg. When asked by Rawne why he took her on as sniper, Corbec responded by saying that Muril had a "deliciously dirty laugh" and that her red hair reminded him of a girl "he'd been a fething fool to leave on Tanith". The real reason, however, is that Corbec believed she was almost the best shot in the regiment, second only to Mad Larkin, whom she apparently replaced. Muril is badly wounded by gunfire on Phantine, earning a augmentic thighbone, Corbec himself is seriously wounded getting her to safety. She was one of the few Vervunhivers to show potential as a scout, and was selected for a training patrol on Aexe Cardinal, it is here Larkin shares the secret of Bragg's death with her, but she is murdered by Cuu before they can act on it. Mkvenner was going to recommend her to Mkoll for her scouting abilities, considering her something of a natural, her death hit Corbec hard.

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