Niceg Vamberfeld


Inner Habs, Vervunhive, Verghast

Before the Regiment...

Adminstration Clerk

Featured in

Honour Guard
Trooper Niceg Vamberfeld was a soldier in Gaunt's A Platoon of the Tanith 1st. A former clerk from the plush inner sections of Vervunhive, Vamberfeld joined the regiment after the act of consolation, following the death of his fiancee. Despite passing basic training and drills, Vamberfeld proved to be mentally and emotionally incapable of being an Imperial Guardsman and was taken off the line during the battle for the Doctrinopolis on Hagia. He was led by visions of the Saint during his time with Corbec's wounded wagon, and was seriously wounded during an altercation with Greer in the Shrinehold's sepulchre. Vamberfeld proved to be the Sabbat's proxy and died a Martyr after his sacrifice saw the Shrinehold's defense grid activate.

Appearance Edit

Pale and stuffy looking, Vamberfeld didn't look for a moment a guardsman, and had previously spent his years in an office, and was roughly in his mid-thirties and unhealthy looking.

Personality Edit

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