Trooper Loglas, A Tanith foundee, spent most of his service in Obel's (11th) platoon along with Larkin and Bragg. He is mentioned during the fight at Vervunhive, and was wounded at the battle of Bhavanger on Hagia, later snapping his shin during training for the Airborne operations on Phantine. During the trench warfare of Aexe Cardinal, Cuu cornered Larkin and attempted to kill him. Loglas happened to be passing by, and was about to intervene when an incoming bombardment hit the Tanith lines, Loglas took a direct hit in the face and was killed. Unfortunately for Larkin, Loglas was the first, and last Tanith who heard Cuu's death threats. He was famous for his horror stories that made the troops of the 11th Platoon afraid.

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