Trooper Cant was a Belladon soldier in Varl's platoon, as part of Major Rawne's B Company. Cant was a fairly young trooper, and was often the brunt of a joke, a pun based around his name that normally finished with somebody (usually Varl) saying "Oh, you can't, can you Cant", which he quickly found unfunny. He fought as part of B Company throughout the Hinzerhaus siege, during which he survived several brutal firefights with Blood Pact soldiers, and even saved Varl from the blast of one of the old, antiquated alien weapons, wielded by Daur, Haller and Caober. He was sent to find the presumed-deserted Major Baskevyl by Captain Kamori, and eventually snapped at Varl, who had been goading him with his favourite phrase, telling him to 'go feth yourself, Varl!'. Despite Kamori's death and the critical ammunition situation, Cant survived the fighting at Hinzerhaus.

Later, when the battered remnants of the First were redeployed to the Crusade rear, on the world of Balhaut, Cant, bored and looking for a way to make Varl leave him alone, joined Major Rawne's scam team that planned to steal a large sum of money from a club called Zolunder's, owned by a local thug named Cyrus Urbano. When the plan went awry, Cant and the other members of the team were locked up by Commissariat troops at Section HQ, where they faced the fury of the Philia's assault to kill Mabbon Etogaur. Despite the precarious situation, they managed to flee the building, eventually winding up back at Zolunder's and defending it from a rival opportunist assault. From here, Rawne was able to assist Gaunt and Hark with the wider problem of the Archenemy attack.

During the transit to Salvation's Reach aboard the Highness Sire Armaduke, Cant became one of the 'Suicide Kings': soldiers from First Platoon, B Company, who were taking on special security for Mabbon Etogaur, after his first assassination attempt on Menazoid Sigma. Cant and Mktally, another Suicide King, were on watch when, unbeknownst to them, a surviving Sirkle, disguised as Major Rawne, approached, and went questioned, attacked them. Sirkle stabbed Mktally to death before strangling Cant, almost decapitating him. Kolea, who arrived shortly afterwards, believed Cant dead, but Dorden managed to use his field skills to save the mutilated young man's life. It is unknown what happens to Cant following his lucky escape.

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