Tanith born, Fargher was the vox-operator of seventeenth platoon, Meryn's platoon, and served as his sergeant's adjutant. Together with Guheen he became one of Meryn's cronies when the sergeant's more sinister side became apparent and together the three Tanith troopers brutally assaulted Sergeant Soric whilst transporting him to Inquisitorial custody once he was outed as a psyker.

Known for his somewhat substandard interlect the adjutant was killed, somewhat messily, during a sudden ambush against the Blood Pact at Hinzerhaus during the events of Only in Death: where he was the first of so many of the regiment to perish.

Following his death his official duties as Meryn's adjutant were passed on to Dalin Criid whilst his (and the now deceased Guheen's) unofficial duties as Meryn's lackies were passed along to Trooper Costin and Sergeant Gendler.

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