Traitor General is the eighth Gaunt's Ghosts book from Dan Abnett and the first book in The Lost series. It was first published in October 2005. On the Chaos occupied world of Gereon, Gaunt and a hand picked team of Ghosts go deep within enemy lines to find a locate a crucial and dangerous enemy target.

Black Library Summary

The first exciting instalment in a new series of Gaunt's Ghosts novels. A high ranking Imperial Officer has been captured by the foul forces of Chaos. Gaunt must assemble a squad of his most trusted men and venture deep into enemy territory. Their mission: rescue the officer if they can. However, if he has been compromised, their rescue mission becomes an assassination!

Plot Summary Edit

Prologue Edit

Van Voytz...

Analysis & Extras Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Gaunt
  • Sturm
  • Rawne
  • Desolane
  • Landerson

Narrative Structure Edit

Traitor General follows an often chronologically unlinear narrative, with 'flashbacks' occuring concurrently with 'present time' set paragraphs, most of them relating to Gaunt accepting Van Voytz's mission, the informal briefings and the volunteers for participation. The prologue, set in Van Voytz's head quarters, is the only plot point that takes place elsewhere than Gereon.

For it's bulk, the book follows a split narrative between Gaunt and his team, and Sturm in his prison at the Lecticia Bastion. The Gereon plot begins by focussing on Landerson's own mission to rendevous with the Gereon 12.

Title Meaning Edit

The title 'Traitor General' is only used once in dialogue at any point in the book, by Gaunt, after the identity of the Pheguth has taken place. It is used to described the mission target, and also as a teaser as to his identity. All that is revealed before Sturm's 'transformation' is that he is a Lord-General who was being transported to a trial, that Gaunt's actions resulted in this, and that at some point he had lost his hand (replaced by a augmentic).

Themes Edit

  • Revenge (Gaunt - Sturm)
  • One Last Stand (The battle against Uexkull and his men in the Untill)
  • Changing Character (Sturm)

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Trivia Edit

  • Aside from the Gereon 12, the only members of the regiment featured are Hark, Kolea and Daur, in flashbacks.
  • First appearance by Sturm since Necropolis, and also the first appearance by any Volpone since then.
  • Despite being among the few First characters to appear, by the start of Traitor General the first names of Beltayn, Mkvenner and Brostin had not been revealed. Mkvenner, in fact, never has his first name revealed.
  • Also, despite being the least trusted platoon in the regiment, and personally reviled early in the series by Gaunt, 3rd Platoon contributed the most members to the mission team with three (Rawne, Feygor and Brostin). Two were from 2nd Platoon (Mkvenner and Larkin) and 1st Platoon (Gaunt and Beltayn), one was from 16th (Criid), 8th (Mkoll), 9th (Varl) and 10th (Bonin), while Curth was an auxillary.
  • First confirmation that Mkvenner was Nalshin, after references in The Guns of Tanith, Straight Silver and Sabbat Martyr.
  • Longest softback of the series, coming in at 415 pages.

Unanswered Questions Edit

For fan theories on Traitor General, link here:

  • If Gaunt knew his team would never return from their mission, then what became of the regiment?
  • What happened to the bonds that Landerson offered Gaunt?