Tona Criid
Gender: Female
Origin: Vervunhive, Verghast
Before the Regiment: Pickpocket
Current Status: Alive
First Appearance: Necropolis
Last Appearance: Salvation's Reach
Focus Books:
Book Count: 13

Sergeant Tona Criid is a squad leader in Gaunt's A Company, as part of the Tanith 1st. She was the first female to achieve a rank in the regiment, and is seen as an inspirational figure among the female Vervunhivers of the regiment. Before joining the regiment as part of the act of consolation, Criid was a hive ganger, and became a guerilla during the war. She is the adoptive mother of two children she rescued from Vervunhive, Dalin and Yoncy, and had a relationship with Caffran. She was a member of the Gereon 12.

Appearance Edit

Criid is described as being attractive in a rough sort of way, with a startlingly beautiful face and short cropped bleached blonde hair. This style grew out during her time on Gereon, and since then her natural brown hair has grown back in. She has a solid, though stringy, build, and is reasonably tall compared to most female members of the regiment.

She has a scar on her right cheek following action on Gereon, which she has since covered with her hair.

Personality Edit

Initially wary and defensive following her experiences during the Vervunhive war, Criid has since become more open and talkative, helped by her relationship with Caffran, and shows a loving, supporting attitude towards her adopted children. Utterly devoted to duty, Criid has often sacrificed the more base elements of her personality to stay focussed on the battlefield. Despite this, she still displays a decent sense of humour and is good natured.

Like most of the Gereon 12, Criid's return from the Sturm mission coincided with a massive change in personality, leading her to seem much more cold than before and unemotive. She was continuing to return to her old self when Caffran was killed, knocking her back once more.

Early Life & Background Edit

Criid had a hard upbringing in the lower levels of Vervunhive, where gang violence and poverty was common place. She had a number of brothers, all gangers, the oldest of whom was Nake Criid, a well known criminal. She ran in the same sorts of circles, but never became one herself, utterly determined to become her own woman. She worked for at her Aunt Rika at a stall in Veyveyr Gate, and later pickpocketed the terminals.

When Nake was killed in a sewer level knife fight, Criid swore never to become involved with gangs, despite dating some gangers when younger, and having a number of piercings and bleached hair. She worked a number of jobs, some criminal and some legitimate, in order to get by.

(Necropolis, 2000)

The Vervunhive War Edit