Trooper Tokar was a Tanith trooper, mentioned infrequently throughout the first three story arcs,  he served with several different platoons in his years with the Ghosts, and was frequently seen in the company of his squad mate, Garond, though it is unknown if they were friends.

Tokar was a part of Caffran’s infiltration squad in the assault on Oskray Hive, and saw combat at the Shrinehold. He was one of several troopers transferred into Obel’s Platoon after his promotion to Sergeant, during the vicious trench warfare on Aexe Cardinal, Tokar was deafened permanently by Shellfire, apparently becoming the first Tanith born trooper forced to learn the Verghastite sign language as a necessity*. Along with many of Obel’s former platoon he transferred into J Company after Obel’s promotion and the merger with the 81st.

At Hinzerhaus, Tokar was one of several troopers assigned to guard the fortresses’ power room, a detail that evidently bored the Ghosts. Tokar like many of the troopers found himself on edge in the fortress, but he had little time to be scared, quickly drawn back into heavy combat, he was killed by gunfire in the closing stages of the battle.

* It is stated in First and Only, during the assault on the Shriven Lines that Nineteen of Corbec’s spearhead are deafened permanently by shellfire, granted, this was a long before the Verghastite influx, but in neither case is it explained whether prothestics could fix the troopers’ hearing, nor whether they were available.

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