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The Vervunhive War was a mass assaulting action orchestrated by the Chaos tainted forces of Ferrozoica against their former allies and rivals, Vervunhive, in 769.M41. The siege, which involved over a million men and armoured vehicles, and involved elements from the Vervunhive Defense Force, auxillaries from the Northern Colonies of Verghast and an Imperial taskforce as well as civilian volunteers and guerilla units, lasted for 54 days at the end of which it was decided by Warmaster Macaroth that the grievous damage caused to the city had rendered it a necropolis.

Forces Involved Edit

The Ferrozoican force, assaulting the city in illogical numbers, consisted entirely of former Ferrozoican civilians, soldiers and also auxillaries from outer colonies, all of whom had been converted to the dark faith of Chaos by their harboured fugitive, Heritor Asphodel. Their numbers were estimated at being a little over 6,000,000 in terms of counting infantry strength, armoured and vehicle crews and other miscellaneous roles taken. They were also reinforced by a small number of Asphodel's personal guard, the daemonic darkwatchers.

The defenders of Vervunhive, contrasting heavily with their foe, were far lower in numbers and far higher in variation of origin. The main force comprised of the 500,000 strong Vervunhive Defence Force, the garrisoned dedicated unit that were well drilled though inexperienced in combat. They were reinforced by new arrivals in the early days of the war by a detachment of armour and infantry from the Northern Collectives, the so-called North-Col armies, arrived with 20,000 men and 5,000 armoured vehicles led by General Xance. They were further reinforced on the 14th day by the arrival of a requested Imperial Guard reinforcement, with a task force under the command of Lord-General Noches Sturm arriving which consisted of his own Volpone Regiments (The 1st, 2nd & 4th) the 7th and 10th Roane Deepers regiment under General Nash, three regiments of the Narmenian Armoured Division under General Grizmund and a single regiment of Tanith, the 1st, under Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt. Promised reinforcements from Vervunhive's neighbour, Vannick Hive, failed to arrive and no contact could be made before Vannick was abruptly utterly destroyed in a nuclear blast on the 15th day.

Deployment Organisation Edit


War Timeline Edit

By Day:

  1. General alarms sounded throught Vervunhive, Vervun Primary deployed and bear arms. Armoured task force led by General Vegolain and Commissar Kowle dispatched into surrounding grasslands and routed by vast enemy force. First long range bombardment begins, damaging interior and exterior of city. Veyveyr Gate crippled. Shield Wall activated.