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The Vermillion Conspiracy was an attempt by four individuals to come into control of a Standard Template Constructor located underground on the planet Menazoid Epsilon. The STC produced sentient automated warriors, and was a relic from the dark age of human technology. The plan was designed by Inquisitor Heldane, and ratified, approved and taken up by Lord-General Hechtor Dravere. The long term goals of the conspirators greatly varied.

The Conspirators Edit

Name Role Role in the Conspiracy Motivation for Conspiracy Status
Hechtor Dravere Lord-General, Crusade 5th Army Organiser of military strength, rank required for invasion of Menazoid Epsilon. Command of spy network tracking Vermillion crystal To mount a challenge to Macaroth's leadership using the men of iron Killed by psychic shockwave caused by Heldane
Golesh Heldane Inquisitor, Ordos Hereticus Implementation of pawn for locating the SDT, manipulation of potential operatives and assassins To use the men of iron against the enemies of the Imperium Killed by the psychic backwash of his pawn's death
Draker Flense Colonel, C.O Jantine Patricians Harrasment and raiding upon the Tanith 1st, direct link to fully loyal Imperial regiment, man on the ground for Intel To earn the chance to kill Gaunt Killed by Gaunt in underneath Shrine Target Primaris
Fereyd Imperial Spy, Macaroth's Intelligence network Heldane's pawn Under psychic control Killed by Elim Rawne.

Origins of the Conspiracy Edit

The Vermillion Crystal Edit

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