The Nine were a selection of Chaos assassins sent deep into the Civitas Beati on Herodor to find and kill Saint Sabbat. They were tasked by Ennok Ennokenti personally, and used their various guises to get deep within the city before they were stopped. All 9 of the assassins were killed by members of the Tanith 1st.

Members Edit

Alias Name Role Achieved Death
The Phantom Skarwael Dark Eldar Mandrake Slaughtered Captain Lamm and three of his officers, killed Major Landfreed and his command squad Killed by Mkoll, lasgun
The Marksman Saul Blood Pact Sniper Killed Colonel Vibreson Killed by Nessa Bourah, long las
The Death Machine Karess Chaos Dreadnought Slaughtered various Civitas Beati officials, including Biagi, Kilosh and Leger Killed by Brostin, Lubba, Lyse and Dremmond, flamers
Three Psykers Pater Sin and his runts Psykers Turned and entire Herodian PDF squad against itself, imprinted task upon Lijah Cuu. Killed by Corbec, tube charge
Three Reptiles Loxatl Brood, Chto, Reghh and Tlfeh Loxatl mercenaries Wiped out 18th Platoon Killed: Hark (Tlfeh), Banda (Chto), Kolea (Reghh)

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