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The Gereon 12, or simply the Gereon Mission Team, were the kill team led by Gaunt onto Gereon to locate and assassinate Lord-General Noches Sturm while he was being held captive by the forces of Chaos. All 12 survived, although one has since died and one is unaccounted for.

The Team Edit

Following his acceptance of the mission from Lord-General Van Voytz, Gaunt had to pick a twelve man team to complete it. He selected each member in regards to their specialties, skills and reliability, although he knew that it was likely that they would never be extracted.

Name Role Status Notes
Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt Team Leader Alive Lead the team minus Mkvenner and Curth off world, witnessed mission's completion.
Major Elim Rawne Second in command, explosives Alive Battled personal demons caused by Chaos taint, escaped with Gaunt
Scout-Sergeant Oan Mkoll Scout team leader, third in command Alive Suffered mood swings as a result of Chaos taint, escaped with Gaunt
Sergeant Ceglan Varl Support, driver Alive Escaped with Gaunt
Sergeant Tona Criid Support Alive Dreamt of Wilder before meeting him on planetside, suffered scar on cheek during resistance phase. Escaped with Gaunt
Scout Mkvenner Scout M.I.A Stayed on Gereon with Curth while the others escaped. Since became a resistance legend and thorn in the side of the occupation army. Believed to be alive on Gereon.
Scout Simen Urvin Macharius Bonin Scout Alive Escaped with Gaunt
Trooper/Adjutant Dughan Beltayn Communications Alive Escaped with Gaunt, rebuilt the Resistance communication network during the reistance phase.
Master-Sniper Hlaine Larkin Marksman Alive Escaped with Gaunt, forced to leave long las behind.
Trooper Aongus Brostin Heavy Support Alive Personally destroyed an enemy picket convoy using fire. Suffered withdrawl induced temper from not being able to smoke. Escaped with Gaunt.
Trooper Murtan Feygor Support, explosives K.I.A Suffered from Chaos infection, almost died before woad remedy brought him back to health. Killed Desolane using Larkin's long las. Escaped with Gaunt. Killed at Sparshard Mons, the team's first battlefield post-Gereon
Surgeon/Medicae Ana Curth Medic Alive Suffered mood swings and heightened hormones from Chaos taint. Stayed behind on Gereon while Gaunt led the rest of the team off-world. Rejoined the regiment following the invasion.

Acquired Members Edit

During their time on Gereon, the original team made contact with the Gereon underground, which resulted in them taking in two contacts by proxy, and also during their time in the Untill built a truce with the native partisans, the Nihtgane, resulting in Gaunt receiving one of the Nightwalkers as a token of gratitude. These three became part of the team that moved after Sturm. A further four Gereon underground troops accompanied the group in it's early stages.

Name Occupation Status Notes
Major Gerome Landerson Gereon resistance officer, former PDF M.I.A Made first contact with the mission team, and lead them as a guide and contact throughout their Sturm mission. Became one of the leaders of the reformed resistance. Re-united with Gaunt after the invasion. Believed to be alive on Gereon.
Major Sabbatine Cirk Gereon resistance officer, former farm owner K.I.A Leader of the Inueron Town resistance cell, joined the team as a guide. Possessed imago in her arm as consent for access throughout the region. Clashed with Curth, and tried to turn Rawne and Gaunt against each other. Slept with Gaunt. Escaped with Gaunt. Returned during the invasion. Comitted suicide in the Untill.
Eszrah ap Niht Nihtgane Partisan, son of tribe chieftain Cynhed ap Niht Alive Was gifted to Gaunt as a bodyguard by chieftain following battle with Uexkull. Followed his master throughout his time on Gereon, and helped create alliances with the partisans. Escaped with Gaunt. Returned during the invasion to find he was considered "unkynde" by his fellow Nihtgane. Still serving Gaunt in the Tanith 1st.
Trooper Acreson Gereon resistance soldier, former PDF K.I.A
Trooper Lefivre Gereon resistance soldier, former PDF Ranger Battalion K.I.A
Trooper Plower Gereon resistance soldier Unknown
Trooper Purchason Gereon Resistance soldier Unknown

Sturm MissionEdit

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Insertion & Initial Contact Edit

The mission team were sneaked onto planetside via grav-chutes from a low flying lander into marsh land area to the south of Shedowtonland. After successful disembarkation, they proceeded to a set of farm buildings outside Ineuron town, where they awaited face to face contact with representatives of the Ineuron cell. After meeting with a team under Landerson, they fled in the face of an armed patrol, and escaped into the woodlands after wiping the excibutors out.

After taking up new cover in silo pits closer to the town limits, Gaunt and Mkoll accompanied Landerson to make contact. They sneaked into the town via vitaller wagons, but were exposed when their initial target was revealed to be compromised. After a series of firefights and a spell in hiding, they emerged in safety and found a cell under Cirk who had survived the night. Cirk joined the trio as they returned to the team with the intention of setting off towards Lecticia.

The immobilised team, under Rawne's command, were suprised by a military patrol, but quickly wiped them out with no casusalties and no audio warning. Gaunt and his group hooked up them, and they procured one of the Chaos vehicles for transport.

Locating & Reaching Target Edit

Eliminating Target Edit

After a heavy fire-fight with the sons of sek and pitched battles between the resistance fighters and defenders, the twelve reached their target. Noches Sturm, disgraced leader of the Volpone, had already seen Ibram Gaunt and this served as the cataclsym destroying his mental lock and making him fully understand his former personaility. (I'll be back to finish in a little while first&last don't worry.)

Outcome Edit

Extraction Edit

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