Serving RosterEdit

The following are known to be serving members of the Tanith 1st at the close of Salvations Reach.

Name/Rank Origin
Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt Manzipor
Major Elim Rawne Tanith
Major Gol Kolea Verghast
Major Braden Baskeveyl Belladon
Captain Ban Daur Verghast
Captain Flyn Meryn Tanith
Captain Dohon Domor Tanith
Captain Ferdy Kolosim Belladon
Captain Arcuda Verghast
Captain Obel Tanith
Captain Raglon Tanith
Captain Sloman Belladon
Captain Sabrese Belladon
Captain Jakub Wilder Belladon
Scout-Sergeant Oan Mkoll Tanith
Master-Sniper Hlaine Larkin Tanith
Sergeant Ceglan Varl Tanith
Sergeant Tona Criid Verghast
Sergeant Haller Verghast
Sergeant Brennan Tanith
Sergeant Derin Tanith
Sergeant Theiss Tanith
Sergeant Garrond Verghast
Sergeant Harjeon Verghast
Sergeant Bray Tanith
Sergeant Piven Belladon
Sergeant Razelle Belladon
Sergeant Mohr Tanith
Sergeant Vivvo Verghast
Sergeant Didi Gendler Verghast
Scout-Trooper Simen Urvin Macharius Bonin Tanith
Scout-Trooper Wes Maggs Belladon
Scout-Trooper Heqta Jajjo Verghast
Scout-Trooper Mklane Tanith
Scout-Trooper Mkeller Tanith
Scout-Trooper Caober Tanith
Scout-Trooper Hwlan Tanith
Scout-Trooper Leyr Tanith
Scout-Trooper Waed Tanith
Scout-Trooper Baen Tanith
Scout-Trooper Livara Verghast
Corporal Chiria Verghast
Corporal Melyr Tanith
Flame-Trooper Aongus Brostin Tanith
Flame-Trooper Lubba Verghast
Flame-Trooper Dremmond Tanith
Flame-Trooper Neskon Tanith
Flame-Trooper Lyse Verghast
Trooper/Medic Chayker Tanith
Trooper/Medic Lesp Tanith
Trooper/Adjutant Dalin Criid Verghast
Trooper/Adjutant Dughan Beltayn Tanith
Trooper/Adjutant Rerval Tanith
Trooper/Sniper Jessi Banda Verghast
Trooper/Sniper Nessa Bourah Verghast
Trooper/Sniper Raess Tanith
Trooper/Comms. Op Rafflan Tanith
Trooper Noa Vadim Verghast
Trooper Zak Twenzet Belladon
Trooper Androby Verghast
Trooper Arilla Verghast
Trooper Bewl Tanith
Trooper Berenbeck Belladon
Trooper Burnstein Belladon
Trooper Brodd Tanith
Trooper Burun Tanith
Trooper Cant Belladon
Trooper Dickerson Belladon
Trooper Esteven Belladon
Trooper Cader Tanith
Trooper Caill Tanith
Trooper Ellan Verghast
Trooper Callun Tanith
Trooper Fonetta Verghast
Trooper Frontelle Belladon
Trooper Brehenden Tanith
Trooper Arlton Belladon
Trooper Bannard Belladon
Trooper Belker Belladon
Trooper Caes Tanith
Trooper Guthrie Tanith
Trooper LaSalle Verghast
Trooper Marco Lillo Verghast
Trooper Gespelder Belladon
Trooper Cavo Tanith
Trooper Coll Tanith
Trooper Cown Tanith
Trooper Gonlevy Belladon
Trooper Boritz Belladon
Trooper Cordrun Belladon
Trooper Fapes Tanith
Trooper Febreen Verghast
Trooper Fiko Verghast
Trooper Finz Belladon
Trooper Gansky Belladon
Trooper Haston Belladon
Trooper Kabry Belladon
Trooper Karsk Belladon
Trooper Lizarre Verghast
Trooper Lukos Tanith
Trooper Mkella Tanith
Trooper Mktass Tanith
Trooper Mkteal Tanith
Trooper Spakus Verghast
Trooper Ventnor Belladon
Trooper Curral Tanith
Trooper Desta Tanith
Trooper Elgith Tanith
Trooper Moullu Verghast
Trooper Nirriam Verghast
Trooper Pollo Verghast
Trooper Ponore Verghast
Trooper Charel Verghast
Trooper Coreas Tanith
Trooper DaFelbe Verghast
Trooper Detowin Verghast
Trooper Dunik Tanith
Trooper Eltron Verghast
Trooper Fayner Tanith
Trooper Hefron Verghast
Trooper Ifvan Tanith
Trooper Irvinn Tanith
Trooper Kazel Verghast
Trooper Kell Tanith
Trooper Kuren Tanith
Trooper Lanasa Verghast
Trooper Leclan Tanith
Trooper Loell Tanith
Trooper Harwen Belladon
Trooper Kaydey Belladon
Trooper Luhan Tanith
Trooper Melwid Tanith
Trooper Mkan Tanith
Trooper Mkfin Tanith
Trooper Mkoyn Tanith
Trooper Pozetine Verghast
Trooper Seena Verghast
Trooper Sillo Verghast
Trooper Solia Verghast
Trooper Kortenhus Belladon
Trooper LaHurf Belladon
Trooper Laydly Belladon
Trooper Ewler Tanith
Trooper Flaven Tanith
Trooper Foskin Tanith
Trooper Fulch Tanith
Trooper Subeno Verghast
Trooper Grell Tanith
Trooper Grogan Tanith
Trooper Trillo Verghast
Trooper Tyne Verghast
Trooper Gyrd Tanith
Trooper Kalen Tanith
Trooper Lukas Tanith
Trooper Mallor Tanith
Trooper Raydee Belladon
Trooper Veddekin Verghast
Trooper Melk Tanith
Trooper Mkallun Tanith
Trooper Mkeller Tanith
Trooper Mkhef Tanith
Trooper Mkor Tanith
Trooper Mktea Tanith
Trooper Mkvan Tanith
Trooper Mtane Tanith
Trooper Neff Tanith
Trooper Munne Verghast
Trooper Myska Verghast
Trooper Neith Tanith
Trooper Nittori Verghast
Trooper Nehn Tanith
Trooper Orrin Tanith
Trooper Osket Tanith
Trooper Raflon Tanith
Trooper Rask Verghast
Trooper Reggo Verghast
Trooper Sapes Tanith
Trooper Scafond Verghast
Trooper Skeen Tanith
Trooper Starck Verghast
Trooper Surch Tanith
Trooper Torez Verghast
Trooper Oflyn Tanith
Trooper Rahan Tanith
Trooper Tolus Tanith
Trooper Tremard Tanith
Trooper Unkin Tanith
Trooper Vanette Verghast
Trooper Vulli Verghast
Trooper Uan Tanith
Trooper Uril Tanith
Trooper Venar Tanith
Trooper Vench Tanith
Trooper Wersun Tanith
Trooper Wix Verghast
Trooper Wheln Tanith

Trooper/Sniper Questa   Described as hard as nails Belladon marksman in Daurs team. Hip injury in the drilling accident Salvations Reach.

Commissar Viktor Hark Unknown
Cadet-Commissar Nahum Ludd Balhaut
Surgeon Ana Curth Verghast
Ayatani Zweil Hagia
Nihtgane Eszrah ap Niht Gereon

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