Missing in Action Edit

Name/Rank Origin Last Location Circumstances of Dissapearance
Sergeant Agun Soric Verghast Civitas Beati, Herodor Arrested, interrogated and requisitioned by the Holy Inquisition. Taken for training in the 'Black Ships'. Later found and executed by Commissar Viktor Hark on Jago (See K.I.A)
Scout-Trooper Mkvenner Tanith Untill Regions, Gereon Stayed on Gereon following extraction of Gereon 12 to aid the resistance. Upon return, grave marker with 'Mkvenner' enscribed discovered. Circumstancial evidence suggests still alive and active on Gereon
Trooper Brin Milo Tanith Civitas Beati, Herodor Joined Saint Sabbat in her voyage to join the crusade with Macaroth following the victory at Herodor. Presumed alive.