Scout Trooper Suth, was a Tanith foundee and one of the Regiment’s original scouts. A tertiary character of limited narrartive importance he was amongst the first Ghosts to see action at the Temple on Blackshard, and was later mentioned in passing on Pyrites. Suth spent most of his service in Adare/Raglon’s platoon, during the trenchbound Campaign on Aexe Cardinale the platoon was picked for a patrol into no mans land. Largely thanks to the drunken antics of Suth’s sqaudmate (and good ‘buddy’) Costin, the platoon was ambushed by enemy raiders, Suth believing it was his fault charged back to deal with the attack, making several kills before he was killed by lasfire. Costin's alcoholism grew even worse after hsi death, he was replaced as Platoon Scout by Preed.

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