Soric and the Brass shellEdit


Agun Soric is latter confirmed to be a pycher. The Brass message shell he recieves his messages from is in a way an appendage to his pychic powers, much like how Imperial Inquisitors interpret the Emperor's will through the Emperor's Tarot, or the way fortune tellers may use a glass sphere to see the future in-his great grandmother being a fortune teller may give credit to this idea. Soric's pychic powers are just surfacing during Straight Silver, though they were first hinted to in The Guns of Tanith, with his particular sychic talent is being able to predict the future-though it is later shown in Sabbat Martyr that he can use the shell to transmit other messages from, is able to uncannily have the message shell in his possesion at any given moment, despite loosing it on several occasions, and in The Armour of Contempt, is shown to be in fact a pycher capable of unleashing offensive magick.

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