Straight silver
Straight Silver is the sixth Gaunt's Ghosts book from Dan Abnett and the third in The Saint series. It was first published in November 2002. It sees the Tanith 1st move onto the 40 year war of attrition that is being waged on the once glorius planet of Aexe Cardinal, and find that their use as cannon fodder is the future they look forward to.
Black Library Summary
On the battlefields of Aexe Cardinale, the struggling forces of the Imperial Guard are locked in a deadly stalemate with the dark armies of Chaos. Commissar Ibram Gaunt and his regiment, the Tanith First-and-Only, are thrown headlong into this living hell of trench warfare, where death from lethal artillery is always just a moment away. The only chance for Gaunt and his lightly armed scouts to survive is to volunteer for a mission so dangerous that no one else dares attempt it!

Plot Summary Edit

Analysis & Extras Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Gaunt
  • Rawne
  • Golke
  • Soric
  • Criid

Narrative Structure Edit

For the most part, Straight Silver follows a linear narrative structure which spilts on a number of occasions, opening with Golke's visit to head quarters to the regiment's arrival to Aexe, and later breaks into two as Corbec's half of the regiment move to the Montorq forest while Gaunt's head to the Seiberq Pocket. The narrative then follows the exploits of the hunting party, Gaunt's forces, and Golke.

Title Meaning Edit

The term 'Straight Silver' is a common phrase in the series, and is a call sign for fixing bayonets, also used as a motivational cry. It takes on more significance as the use of bayonets become essential in the trench fighting the regiment faces.

Themes Edit

  • Irony (Feygor's decision to move to the manse actually gives them a tactical advantage against the Blood Pact invaders.
  • Changing Character (Meryn)
  • One Last Stand (The Manse)
  • Coward in Chief (The Alliance HQ)
  • Revenge (Larkin - Cuu)

Memorable Quotes Edit

Kolea: The kids.

Criid: What?

Kolea: What?

Criid: What did you say then, Gol? Just then?

Kolea: Um...the kids. They gonna be okay? They all right?

Criid: They're fine.

Kolea: They're young.

Criid: Yes, the are.

Kolea: But I guess they'll manage. If you say they're all right.

Criid: They will.

Kolea: So young. I s'pose war's all they've known. But, so young, most of them. Boys. Not even shaving yet. Acting like soldiers.


Criid: Carry on.


Trivia Edit

  • First appearance by Merrt since Ghostmaker.
  • Second consecutive book to end with Cuu killing one of the story's major characters.
  • Dorden sets up a field hospital named 4077. Same as the field hospital in the series M.A.S.H.

Unanswered Questions Edit

For fan theories on Straight Silver, link here:

  • Who/what was Elinor Zaker?
  • What is happening with Soric and his brass shell?