Artist's Impression by JeenHoong

The Sons of Sek are an arch-enemy military unit created by Anakwanar Sek, who currently are fighting in the Sabbat Worlds sector of the Segmentum Pacificus. Loosely based on the same organisational structure as the Blood Pact, Sek created the force so he would have a military force capable of matching that of Urlock Gaur, and this making him a viable candidate as an Archon.

History & OrganisationEdit


The Sons of Sek were first formed on the Chaos held planet of Gereon. Having picked his finest warriors from within the conventional host at his disposal, Sek had the training of the Son's overseen by former Blood Pact officer Mabbon Etogaur and Imperial Pheguth Noches Sturm.

Having slowly grown in size, the Sons tested their abilities by wiping out civilian occupied bocage's and villages in the farmlands.


Sek, a master tactician, originally lost out in the race to become Archon of the Sabbat Worlds Forces to Urlock Gaur despite his superior command. This was because Gaur possessed the Blood Pact, a well organised force based on the Imperial Guard. In an attempt to win the command role, Sek began creating his own army which could best the Blood Pact, using the same formation but with physical and tactical superiority.

Gereon was chosen as the birthing ground for this force.


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