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Sergeant Vivvo is a squad leader in Ban Daur's G Company. A young Verghasite, Vivvo was formerly a smeltery worker at Agun Soric's works, and joined the regiment as part of the act of consolation. Vivvo immediately became Soric's adjutant in 16th Platoon, and was one of the many who viewed his commanding officer as being the Verghasite's true leader. Vivvo took brevet command of the platoon at Herodor, after Soric's decision to turn himself in, and was later made a Sergeant as part of the 81st/1st foundation.

An eager and perhaps naive minded soldier, Vivvo was one of the first men in the regiment to become aware of Soric's gift, when they served at Aexe Cardinale, and openly expressed his desire to protect his officer from any potential danger this would cause him. During the battle for the Civitas Beati, Vivvo encouraged Soric to use the information he was receiving rather than ignoring it, and explained that he simply saw it as a lucky charm. His words inspired Soric to seek out Commissar Hark and turn himself in, leaving Vivvo in charge of the platoon for the duration of the battle.

At Hinzerhaus, Vivvo was one of the principal squad leaders in Daur's G Company, having earned his promotion due to his actions on Herodor. He took part in the defence of the main outer gate which was one of the regiment's finest achievements during a miserable operation.

(Honour Guard, 2002 / Straight Silver, 2004/ Sabbat Martyr, 2005)

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