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Sergeant Mkendrick was the leader of 18th platoon in the Tanith 1st Regiment. A Tanith foundee, Mkendrick was born and raised in the mountains of Tanith Steeple. Mkendrick had at least one brother, as well as other family in Tanith Attica, all lost when Tanith fell. In a rare case for the regiment, Mkendrick went through several different specialisms, serving as a Scout and Flame Trooper, as well as a normal trooper. He was originally assigned to Major Rawne’s platoon, but didn’t appear to be part of his ‘circle’, and was popular throughout the Regiment.

He is first mentioned in Ghostmaker, when he serves as a driver, and gunner escorting Bragg’s resupply convoy on Caligula, he is lightly wounded in this action, and later sees action with Caffran’s infiltration Team at Oskray Hive. In both instances he acquitted himself well, and came across as a dependable, level headed soldier. On Monthax he was one of several troopers tricked into defending Eon Kull, by Eldar-spawned visions of the fall of Tanith.

Mkendrick later earned a promotion to platoon command on Verghast. In the battle for Bhavnager many of the Ghosts found themselves pinned down by crossfire. Mkendrick was amongst those picked by Commissar Hark for an attempted flanking run to break the crossfire, which was thankfully rendered obsolete by the timely arrival of armored support. He was killed along with his entire platoon, by Loxatl mercenaries during the battle for the Civitas Beati on Herodor. Mkendrick was a popular and efficient squad leader, one of the grunt leader types like Varl and Baffels, benefitting from years of experience before earning his stripes.


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