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Sergeant Lhurn Adare, a Tanith foundee and later, leader of the Seventeenth platoon was first mentioned in Ghostmaker, when he takes part in Caffran's raid on Oskray Hive. Sometime after the siege of Vervunhive his sharpness and likable attitude earned him a promotion to sergeant (it is unclear precisely when) which he (in) famously celebrated by getting roaring drunk with several of the Tanith. Adare was badly wounded in the fight for the Shrinehold and later on Phantine, lead his platoon in the assault on Cirenholm.

Soon afterwards Adare was picked as one of the squad leaders in the Larisel operation. His team, Larisel 3 survived the drop on Ouranberg, but was soon uncovered by enemy security teams. Cornered by a mixture of occupation soldiers and Loaxtl mercenaries, Adare went down fighting, killed alongside the Tanith scout Doyl by loaxtl fletchettes.

A former Tanith Militia officer, Adare was very popular with the troopers, and along with Bragg, Varl, Corbec and a few others he was considered part of the Regiment’s backbone. He was something of a Father figure to Milo, offering the young trooper his frequent advice, and seeing plenty of combat at his side. Though a drinker, and frequent prankster (Baffles and Cluggan being his main victims) Adare was a born leader, promoted from the ranks. He possessed a sharp mind, calm demeanor and extensive experience on the battlefield, and was greatly missed by the Ghosts. His platoon went on to be led by Raglon.

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