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Sergeant Derin is a squad leader in Gaunt's A Company of the Tanith 1st Regiment. An original Tanith foundee, Derin was a trooper in Gaunt's platoon before the latter's exit and was given squad command by dint of experience. A ferociously loyal and fairly devout man in his late twenties, Derin is more often than not at the front of the firing line and is fairly popular among the men of the regiment.

Derin was a member of the 'Wounded Wagon' on Hagia, an experience which gave him a great emotional response to the presense of Saint Sabbat.

(Honour Guard, 2002)

Derin later served as one of the honour guard for the Saint in the closing stages of the battle for the Civitas Beati. He was wounded during the effort to defend her from the possessed Trooper Cuu.

(Sabbat Martyr, 2005)

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