Sergeant Cluggan was one of the earliest platoon leaders in the Tanith 1st Regiment, and played a significant role in the Regiments first battles. A large, grey haired Tanith, and one of the older sergeants Cluggan was seen as one of the soldier's officers within the regiment, much like Lerod and Blane. He was close friends with Baffels and Adare, being on the receiving end of the latter’s pranks more than once. Cluggan had a decent sense of scouting and improvisation, though he wasn’t attached to the scouting platoon, and he won the regiment the battle for the Bokore Valley Dam.

With the Tanith 1st Edit

Blackshard Edit

At Blackshard, Cluggan was part of the forward advance party that found the ruinous chapel, and Cluggan was tasked with leading a scout team to inspect the premises. He pulled his men back during the regiment's retreat.

(Ghostmaker, 1997)

Voltemand Edit

Following their link up and transit with the Ketzok 17th, the Ghosts under Gaunt were placed on alert and Cluggan and a small team were sent to scout out the roadway for any sign of enemy activity. The speed and stealth of the detail impressed Colonel Ortiz greatly. During the assault on the Bokore Dam, Cluggan led his platoon on a secondary expedition mission into the sewage sluices of the structure; they took several losses as they pushed in, engaging in fierce hand to hand combat. However, while the main drains were flooded, the sewers were not due to coming from a different water source, leaving Cluggan and his men unscathed in this context. He led them to the sanitation outfalls and dumped his team’s supply of explosives into the cistern, create a breach and winning the regiment the battle. During the Tanith's withdrawal, the Volpone conducted shelling of the regiment resulting in Cluggan being killed along with a number of his platoon and several hundred others. These remained the Tanith’s highest proprtional losses in a single action until the battle of Hizerhaus almost Twelve years later, losses made worse by the fact it was ‘friendly fire’.Though his death came very early on in the Regiments existence, Cluggan was counted as a significant loss for the Ghosts, and may have made higher rank, if he had lived. Brin Milo seemed somewhat in awe of him, perhaps due to his age, almost six years after his death, he mentioned him to Soric as a figure he was trying to impress.

(A Blooding, 1998)