Sergeant Blane, a Tanith born, was one of the Regiment’s first NCO’s, and commander of the 7th platoon. A dependable, widely respected squad leader, along with Lerod and Hasker he was amongst the more pius members of the Regiment, and considered part of its inner circle. Blane served with distinction in the Regiment’s early years, and took part in Corbec’s assault on the Shriven trenches on Fortis Binary. Later on Menazoid Epsilon he entered Regimental Legend, and proved himself as one of the bravest men to ever serve in the Ghosts. Tasked with providing the rearguard whilst the Ghosts moved towards their objectives, Blane dug in his platoon on a hillside and awaited contact with enemy forces. Unbeknown to the Ghosts, General Dravere had fallen under the impression Gaunt had gone rogue (though he needed little excuse to attack the Ghosts), and ordered the Jantine Patricians up to wipe out the Tanith. Initially shocked by the Jantine’s appearance Blane rallied his men for heavy combat, and in a heroic last stand he and his 50 men killed over 350 Jantine Patricians before being overwhelmed and anhilated.

The 7th platoon was later reformed and went on to be lead by____