Sergeant Baffels was a platoon commander in the Tanith 1st. A senior and grizzled Tanith born, Baffels had always been a trooper before he was promoted at Vervunhive, a position he was never comfortable with. His lack of self-confidence meant he had to work desperately hard to avoid failing, which ironically meant he was one of the best NCOs in the regiment. Highly popular with the men, Baffels made sure to keep Brin Milo, the man he felt should have taken his command, close at hand as a lucky charm.

During the mop-up operations on Verghast, Baffels led his new squad with a seriousness that was quite uncharacteristic. His squad was responsible for sculptor Jeshua Thoru's safety after Colm Corbec assigned Thoru to a combat posting for Thoru's assignment to get to know the Ghosts.

Baffels was unfortunately killed in action on Hagia, the Regiment's first combat posting since Vervunhive, by a side turret burst from a Baneblade. Later, in the same campaign, Baffels appeared in Gaunt's dreams, stating only two words: "Sabbat Martyr".