Scout Trooper Baen, a Scout since the founding, and one of the more prominent of Mkoll’s specialists is mentioned infrequently throughout the first three story arcs. A hard-edged, but generally cheerful Ghost, he served as Varl’s Scout for several years, before being reassigned to Mkoll’s scout team after Ancreon Sextus.

Baen has seen extensive action in his years with the ghosts, and has come close to death on several occasions. On Hagia he had a narrow escape, after the scout salamander he was in almost drove into a steep chasm, Baen along with Mklane and Raglon faced a hair-raising jump to safety. Shortly afterwards he was wounded at the Shrinehold, and on Aexe Cardinale he took part in a patrol to ‘scope the leading edge’ which turned into a vicious trench fight, later on Herodor, he and Varl were almost killed by Pater Sin’s psyker twins. Since the merger with the 81st it isn’t known which Company Baen has been reassigned to.

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