Described as being a thin, middle-aged man with a tough, hard edged personality, Leyr served as 3rd Platoon's (Rawne's Platoon) scout following the death of Logris on Monthax. Leyr served in the Tanith Militia before the founding, like many other Ghosts, and like most of 3rd Platoon held both a personal loyalty to Rawne along with a general dislike of Gaunt and in Sabbat Martyr was said to be one of the handful of people Rawne could actually trust.

Like most members of 3rd Platoon (minus Rawne himself, Feygor & Brostin) Leyr was placed in E Company under Captain Meryn when the Tanith merged with the Belladon but is frequently seen detached to Mkoll's seperate/specialist scout unit.

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