Scout-Trooper Hwlan

A Tanith, Hwlan was a Scout in the Tanith First Regiment. First introduced in Guns Of Tanith, Hwlan served in Ten Platoon, led by Sergeant Gol Kolea, as it's chief scout. When Sergeant Criid takes over the platoon, he becomes good friends with her, and is staunchly loyal, and was even prepared to fight Cuu for his misconduct towards her orders, but Criid stops him. He is often described as one of the First's most able Scouts, along with Mkvenner, Bonin, Leyr, Coaber and Maggs. He is wounded on Ancreon Sextus, where he admits to Wes Maggs that he lost his virginity aged sixteen to a girl named Seba. He later becomes chief scout of P Company, under Criid. He fights bravely at Hinzerhaus, and helps secure the water drop.

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