Scout-Corporal Baru was one of the first scout specialists in the Tanith 1st Regiment, and second in command of the scout network under Sergeant Mkoll (the two of whom are the only Tanith Scouts to hold rank). A highly popular and respected member of the regiment, he was something of a woman’s idol, and the joker (or ‘Varl’) of the scout unit. He was one of Gaunt's preferred troops ‘The truest of true’, known for his quick wit, good sense of humour and ultimately his resourceful combat smarts, in Gaunt’s opinion he was as good and loyal as Mkoll.

Baru appears infrequently in First and Only.

On Fortis Binary he takes part in the counter attack that throws back the Shriven from the Imperial lines, and accompanies Corbec’s unit into the Shriven Trenches. Sent to scout ahead by Corbec, he is pinned by shelling and temporarily loses his way, before linking up with Rawne’s small group and finding his way back to the Tanith spearhead. He is later mentioned in passing on Pyrites, before being selected for both the Absalom mission to rescue Major Rawne and Gaunt’s expedition to find the Vermillion Treasure on Menazoid Epsilon. It is here it the Baru is injured by lasfire, and later killed during a firefight in the catacombs by barbed round shrapnel.

(First and Only, 1999)

He was one of the best scouts to serve in the Tanith regiment, and greatly missed by the Ghosts, Gaunt counting him as a personal friend.

Had Baru lived he would likely have become a major supporting character in later novels. It is unclear who, if anyone, takes his place as second in command of the scouts, Mkvenner, Bonin and Caober are all linked with the role at points.