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Sabbat Martyr
Saul was a Blood Pact sniper serving as part of Archon Gaur's forces in the Sabbat Worlds. The finest marksman within the ruinous powers' army in the segmentum, Saul was specifically picked out by Warlord Ennok Ennokenti for the task of assassinating the re-incarnation of Saint Sabbat on Herodor, along with the rest of the nine. Saul's duties meant he was excused from ritually scarring his trigger finger, and also meant he learned basic Low Gothic for understanding the enemy. He possessed augmentic lungs as a physical modification.

Saul acted as loner, avoiding contact with his Blood Pact brethren during his mission. Having dropped down into the city limits, he moved solo into the Civitas Beati and inflitrated the enemy lines by abstaining from conflict with Imperial forces and monitoring their vox channel. After killing Colonel Vibreson and sending his forces into disarray, he located the Saint in a small chapel, but was prevented a shot by the presence of Brin Milo, and also by instinctively being aware of the efforts of Hlaine Larkin to kill him. After a desperate gambit to earn a clean shot, he was eliminated by Nessa Bourah via a headshot.

Trivia Edit

  • First of the Nine to be killed.
  • Only 'blunt' and human member of the Nine.
  • Only Blood Pact soldier, other than Gaur, to ever be named in the series.
  • Only occasion in which a Blood Pact soldier has been seen to speak Low Gothic. All other low gothic speaking Chaos characters have been from other factions.

The Nine

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