Sabbatine was a teenage girl who travelled to Herodor on the pilgrimage to see the reborn Saint. In actual fact, Sabbatine was the original form of Sabbat's reincarnation. She was stunningly beautiful with black glossy hair and a tiny voice that somehow was impossibly clear to all who heard her.

She protected the life of a doomsday prophecising preacher at one of the pilgrim camps - warding the baying mob off only with an outstretched hand - as well as forewarning the iminent Blood Pact attack to Anton Alphant. She later reappeared in the Civitas Beati, attempting to escort children safetly from another assault. After Brin Milo and Mach Bonin were unable to get close enough to a Blood Pact tank to disable it, Sabbatine ran out onto the road to distract it. It worked, with Bonin able to destroy it with tube charges, but before it dies the tank shell fired caused a blast that threw Sabbatine to the ground and broke her neck. Following her death, a sense of defeat and despair fell upon the city's inhabitants, which almost cost them the battle. However, this was reversed with the Saint became Sanian instead. (Sabbat Martyr)