Location: Sabbat Worlds, Segmentum Pacificus
Class/Type: Industrial
Status: Imperial
Featured in: The Guns of Tanith

Phantine is an Industrial-class planet within the Segmentum Pacificus, one of the Sabbat Worlds. Heavily polluted due to excessive industry and use of carbon gases, Phantine's population now use the world's toxic smog for energies. Cities on Phantine are constructed at high altitude; be that on the peak's of great mountains, or the tops of the planet's decaying Hive Spires, to avoid the damaging effects of the pollution. The People of Phantine live in cities entirely sealed off from the outside world to prevent contamination from the noxious gasses that cover the planet, thus, at least in the case of the city of Cirelholm, a regular cycle of artifical rain is done every few days to keep the cities clean. The planet's capital is Ouranberg, a vast city built atop the peaks of a great mountain. Here, amongst the many other cities of the world, the forces of the arch enemy entrenched themselves against the coming Imperial liberation army. Phantine is well known for the number of distinguished Imperial Guard aircraft squadrons it has raised, and as a reflection of their provess, fought an ongoing war against the Arch Enemy from their base in Hessenville, the world's primary Naval training grounds, amongst other cities still under Imperial control throughout the war.

Phantine was eventually liberate by Imperial forces.

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