Permafrost is a Gaunt's Ghosts short story from Dan Abnett, and was first published in Inferno magazine in 1998. It was later incorporated into the collected works novel Ghostmaker.

Permafrost sees Gaunt and Rawne stranded alone on the ice moon Typhon 8 following a skirmish with Orks, that sees them trapped in a cave awaiting rescue. It feautures only Gaunt, Rawne as characters, and is the only Gaunt's Ghosts story to have Orks as part of the plot.

Plot Summary Edit

After being cut off from his men in a brutal firefight, Rawne manages to escape pursuit given by a gang of Orks, and finds shelter in an ice cave. While attempting to sew up a shoulder wound, he is attacked by an Ork who knocks him down and makes his needle stab into his tongue. After a brief struggle, in which he blinds one of it's eyes, Rawne is saved from being shot by the sudden appearance of Gaunt who guns down the Major's opponent.

Both are cut off from their respective platoons, and spend the night in the ice cave. Gaunt stitches up Rawne's leg injury and makes food, and the two exchange venomous observations. Rawne asks Gaunt why he is keeping him alive,