Nessa Bourah


Outhabs, Vervunhive, Verghast

Before the Regiment

Loom worker

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Only in Death

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Trooper Nessa Bourah is a sniper in Kolea's C Company of the Tanith 1st Regiment. A former Loom worker from Vervunhive, Nessa is profoundly deaf due to shell fire during the war that destroyed her ear drums, and this means she rarely speaks out loud and usually relies on signing. She became a sharpshooter not long after joining the Ghosts, and proved herself to be a ferocius shot, challenging the skills of 'Mad' Larkin and besting her friend and old work-mate Jessi Banda . Nessa was a member of Corbec's 'wounded wagon' on Hagia and was chosen as part of the Larisel Mission on Phantine. She is regarded as the prettiest woman in the regiment, not because of her feminine body but because of her beautiful face.