Necropolis is the third of the Gaunt's Ghosts books and the final chapter of The Founding trilogy. It was first published in December 2000.

It chronicles the events of the Vervunhive war, an immense 54 day siege fought between the corrupted Ferrozoican foe and the beleaguered Imperial defenders, including the understated Tanith 1st. With the battle on a knife edge, defeat a mistake away, Gaunt has to take control if he is to save the lives of every soldier, civilian or civilian-soldier in the doomed hive.

Black Library Summary
On the war-torn planet of Verghast, Commissar Ibram Gaunt and his men find themselves caught up in an ancient and bloody civil war. When betrayal and treachery bring the walls of a besieged hive city crashing down, bitter rivalry and corruption surface, bringing the Tanith Ghosts to the brink of destruction. Gaunt must find new allies and recruit more Ghosts if he is to save Vervunhive from the dark legions of Chaos and pull the Tanith back from the brink.

Plot Summary Edit

Zoica Rising Edit

Analysis & Extras Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Gaunt
  • Dorden
  • Curth
  • Kolea
  • Soric
  • Sturm
  • Lord Chass
  • Kowle
  • Daur
  • Sondar

Narrative Structure Edit

Necropolis follows a chronilogically linear structure, which focusses on a vareity of different narratives within the hive war, which is the entire focus of the book. As a result, it moves between each element, with focus given to both Gaunt and the regiment, as well as the other military elements, the population of the hive, the higher powers and those involved in the war. Therefor, it has the largest scoping narrative of the series and in fact the regiment are not featured for the first two chapters.

Title Meaning Edit

The term 'Necropolis' is Greek, meaning 'City of the Dead' or 'Dead City'. It is used within the novel at the end, when Vervunhive is officially considered extinct, and refers to how it is so badly damaged that it cannot be considered a city for the living.

Themes Edit

  • Coward-in-Chief (Sturm, Anko)
  • And Justice for One (Modile/Grizmund)
  • Irony (Sturm's attempts to escape 'certain death' led to his eventual demise)
  • Changing Character (Gilbear)
  • Moral Event Horizon (Kowle)
  • One Last Stand (Kolea, Veyveyr Gate, Final Endgame)

Memorable Quotes Edit

(First lines) Vor: What is this, chief?


Trivia Edit

  • First appearances for Mkvenner, Curth, Daur, Soric, Kolea, Haller, Vivvo and Bonin.
  • Lord Hemylik Chass is often called, and calls himself (even before a member of the Imperial Commissariat), a Liberal, despite the fact that Liberalism is seen as heresy in the eyes of the Imperium.

Unanswered Questions Edit

For fan theories on Necropolis, link here:

  • How did Bonin surive the fall from the command spike?