Nahum Ludd



Before the Regiment

Interim,Imperial Internment Camp 917 'Xeno', Ancreon Sextus

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His Last Command

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Only in Death

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Junior-Commissar Nahum Ludd is the third ranking Commissariate authority in the Tanith 1st Regiment. Only in his early-twenties, Ludd is regarded as something of a joke by certain members of the regiment due to his inexperience and lack of respect, although this situation changed substancially after being given a brevet promotion to full Commissar at Hinzerhaus. Like his master, Viktor Hark, Ludd was originally assigned to Gaunt under dubious circumstances (to monitor him under orders from Commissar-General Balshin) but redeemed himself on the field and earned a place in the regiment. Ludd has mainly been relied upon to deal with paperwork and other mundane tasks as he continues his studies. It is unclear whether his promotion will be retained.