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Trooper Murtan Feygor was Rawne's adjutant and right hand man in the 3rd Platoon of the Tanith 1st. A Tanith by birth, Feygor shared the Major's murky background and for a long time was the only man that his charge trusted. Feygor was considered to be a brilliant shot, a fine stealther and a tough fighter, as well as being a superb demolitions expert. Feygor was in the early stages highly unpopular due to his Rawne connections, surly demeanor and sarcastic nature, which was later enhanced by an augmentic voice box (as a result of a wound taken at Vervunhive) which gave him a permanent raspy monotone. Feygor at one stage made Sergeant before being demoted following his command in the Montorq Forests. He was one of the Gereon 12.

Appearance Edit

Feygor is described as being a tall, thin and dangerous looking man in his early thirties, roughly the same age as Rawne, with dark uncaring eyes and a permanent scowl.

As a result of a wound to the throat that he took at Veyveyr Gate in Vervunhive, Feygor was given an augmented artificial voice box to allow him to speak. The device was crudely disguised next to his adam's apple.

Personality Edit

A dangerous and often dubiously minded malcontent, Feygor spent most of his early days in the regiment being an enforcer and lackie, and as a result shared a corrosive personality which wasn't above beatings for anyone he felt had wronged him in some way or was being a problem. He had a dry and morbid sense of humour and wit and low sense of duty despite his fighting ability.

It was in the early days that Feygor expressed that he quite simply trusted nobody and valued nobody above his own safety, although this has since changed.

As time went on, Feygor followed the example of his friend by softening his bitterness and hatred for Gaunt enough to be able to sufficiently get the job done, even saving his live on one occasion.

His blasse attitude towards regulation has seen him on the wrong side of Imperial discipline and law on a number of occasions, no doubt as a result of his previous life as a career criminal.

Early Life & Background Edit