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Traitor General

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The Armour of Contempt

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Traitor General
Major Gerome Landerson is a member of the Gereon Underground, and current fugitive from the Inquisition along with his fellow cell members within the Untill region. A former Underground leader, Landerson had previously served as an officer in the Gereon PDF Ranger battalion before the Chaos occupation of the planet. Landerson, a descendant of the original colonists of Gereon, became an ad-hoc member of the Gereon 12 during the Sturm mission and was the first Resistance member to make contact with the Imperial team. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Appearance Edit

A thin and small set man, Landerson is described as having dark brown hair and a narrow face. Following the many days of pain on Gereon, he has become malnourished and almost skeleton-like.

Personality Edit

A loyalist and honourable man, Landerson has on many occasions shown his sense of duty to be higher than many in the Guard, despite an ingrained pessismism as a result of the suffering he and his people shared under the forces of Chaos.

Although initially overwhelmed and outraged that his planet's welfare was seen as low priority, he quickly overcame his personal disagreements during the mission and displayed a self-less quality common within the neccessity based confines of the Underground.

Early Life & Background Edit

Originally from Ineuron Town, Landerson served as an officer in the Ranger battalion of the Gereon PDF and was part of the war that raged when Chaos attacked their world. During his time here, he served under his Resistance senior, Colonel Ballerat, as well as two of the men in his command, Lefivre and Purchason.

(Traitor General, 2005)

The Gereon Underground Edit

Following the anexation of Gereon, Landerson merged into the civilian population inslaved by the ruinous forces, earning a 'comfortable' living at an iconoclave in Ineuron, which consisted of destroying Imperial relics. During this time, he also served by night as a resistance soldier, using his imago of consent to allow him easy access to other areas of the town.

(Traitor General, 2005)

Meeting the Gereon 12 Edit

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