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Major Culcis is a soldier in the elite Volpone 10th Brigade, a specialist storm trooper wing of the Volpone Blueblood division. Initially a simple trooper in one of the regiments, Culcis fought whilst wounded during the defense of Dorden's medical station on Nacedon, earning a commendation, and was promoted to the 10th following action on Vandamaar that got him a decoration.

During the fight he showed uncharacteristic respect for his allies, thanking Dorden for his medical attention, befriending Caffran and being the first to take up arms and offer his services to the defense.

(Ghostmaker, 1998)

Culcis later crossed paths with the Tanith, with whom he had a mutual respect following the battle on Nacedon, on Monthax where he was noticed by Colonel Corbec as part of Gilbear's honour guard for Inquisitor Lilith.

(Ghostmaker, 2000)

He again shared a battlefield with the Tanith at Vervunhive, where he served in the defense of Sondar Gate, now a Major, and led an assualt on one of the Zoican siege towers. He successfully eliminated the machine, though he lost both his adjutant and his hand as he destroyed it with grenades.

(Necropolis, 2000)

He is believed to be alive and still with the Volpone in reserve status.

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