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Scout-Trooper Simen Urvin Macharius 'Lucky' Bonin is a Tanith scout in Mkoll's recon platoon of the Tanith 1st Regiment. Young and compact for a scout, Bonin is renouned for his streak of luck that has seen him escape almost certain death on a vareity of occasions, which Bonin has put down to being born under a lucky star. He has been part of almost every special mission that the Ghosts have undertaken, and his stealthing abilities are surpassed only by Mkoll and Mkvenner . Was one of the Gereon 12.

Appearance Edit

Bonin is described as being similar to most of the regiment's Tanith Scout contingent in that he has a serious demeanor and humourless face. He is fairly young by scout standards, only in his late twenties.

Personality Edit

For the most part Bonin is seen as being very serious and often taciturn when it comes to Scouting discipline. He has scalded others for being blasse in their stealthing and soldiering, such as with Brostin on Gereon and Maggs at Sparshard Mons, and also seems firm in line with his principles, evidenced by his reaction to Jagdea's suicide attempt at Cirenholm.

His exemplified honour and loyalty was again displayed when his initial reluctance to inform Hark of Mkoll's desertion at Hinzerhaus, and also in his angry reaction to Hark's disciplinarian response.

Bonin's tendencies towards instinctive decision making has often seen him become the defacto leader or groups, and he temporarily took charge of the Scouts on Jago.

Early Life & Background Edit

Bonin was a difficult birth, and throughout his childhood suffered from a variety of ailments and illnesses. His continued survival was attributed by his mother as being the result of being born under 'a lucky star'. At the age of six, their family home in County Cuhulic was destroyed in a forest fire, and he endured a difficult winter sleeping in tents while his father and uncle rebuilt their house.

Bonin was christened in a river at the age of ten by a priest, and was given the name Simen Urvin Macharius, after, respectively, his father, his uncle and Solar Macharius, a personal hero of his mother due to the book Life about the Imperial hero being the only book to survive the fire.

Bonin also had two older sisters.

The Tanith 1st Edit