Noches Sturm


Former Commanding officer, Volpone Bluebloods

Tanith Status


First Appearance

A Blooding

Last Appearance

Traitor General

Book Count

Lord Militant General Noches Sturm was the former commanding officer of the Volpone Blueblood Legion. An aristocratically born officer, Sturm led the Volpone to a number of notable victories and earned them a fine reputation before they became part of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade task force. Sturm's hatred for Gaunt and his regiment created a rivarly that bordered on hostility between the Tanith and the Volpone, who served in the same army group and shared battlefields on Voltemand, Nacedon and Monthax. Following the events at Vervunhive, Sturm was arrested for desertion and sentenced to trial by Gaunt. He was later captured by the forces of Chaos and held prisoner on the occupied world of Gereon.

Appearance Edit

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