Former Lord-General, Crusade Staff. Former Governor, Hagia

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Lord-General Lugo is a former battle group commander in the Crusade force, and one-time Lord-Governor of Hagia, birthplace of Saint Sabbat. Lugo was in command of the Hagia theatre during the war to cleanse the holy world of Infardi/Ershul elements, and due to his impatience the Doctrinopolis fell. Lugo, at the time over-ambitious and desperate to prove his worth to Macaroth, shouldered the blame on Ibram Gaunt to cover his incompetance. Following events at the Shrinehold, Lugo was made Governor of Hagia as an unofficial punishment. He was later sent to command the defence of Herodor as part of his jurisidiction, and was a major conspirator in the fake Saint scheme. Following the assault on the Civitas Beati, Lugo fled via an emergency shuttle. His current status is unknown.

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