Hechtor Dravere
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown
Role: Commander, 5th Crusade Army
Tanith Status: Enemy
Current Status: K.I.A
Featured in: First and Only

Lord-General Hechtor Dravere was the commander in chief of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade 5th Army, and direct superior officer of Gaunt and his subordinates. Dravere was formerly an armour commander in the Hyrkan's regiment, serving under, and subsequently reviled by, Commissar-General Delane Oktar. He bore a blatant disregard for many of the men under his command, including the Ghosts, and was a selfish man driven by ambition. Dravere was one of the key conspirators in the Vermillion Conspiracy, and used his rank to orchestrate the plans put forth by Inquisitor Heldane. He was killed when his command leviathan was destroyed by a psychic backlash following the Inquisitor's death.

Appearance Edit